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Arlington Heights, IL Dentist

Dr. Dzakovich and his team use a variety of advanced tools to allow for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Dzakovich utilizes high power loops. These loops allow for increased visibility and the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Dzakovich’s advanced electric handpieces provide the most accurate tooth restorations. This technology is quieter and more accurate than traditional “drills”.

By utilizing intra-oral cameras, we can provide high quality photos of hard-to-see areas of the mouth. These pictures allow us to communicate effectively by painting a complete “picture” of the current condition of your oral health.

Digital Radiography provides the same high-quality X-Ray imaging for proper diagnosis without exposing our patients unnecessary radiation.

By using non-metal dentures, fillings and crowns, we offer a complete list of aesthetic restorations.

Dr. Dzakovich also utilizes a KCP, which allows him to do fillings on teeth without the need for a shot of novacain. It is painless, and fast because there is no wait time for the novacain to work.